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Jamestown S'Klallam Tribal Council, Past and Present
Leadership has a traditional meaning to the SíKlallams. Leaders must honor others, give thanks, show respect and use proper etiquette. According to Joseph H. Stauss, Jamestown SíKlallam descendant and author of The Jamestown SíKlallam Story:


ďThe traditional SíKlallam character and behavior is still the expected model: hard workers who are serious about what they do and who have self-control, modesty, courtesy, and generosity, especially with those in need. They reach out to others with dignity and pride.Ē


Although the governance model has changed over the centuries, these leadership qualities still hold value for the SíKlallam people.


This exhibit will take you on a chronological journey in the realm of Tribal governance, focusing on the people who have led the Jamestown SíKlallam Tribe for the past 100 years, and some of their key accomplishments. Click on the links below to learn more, or browse through the exhibit page by page.